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To make press-ready artwork please check the following checklist before submitting :

Size:                         Correct artwork size as per need. For All folded Brochures - Artwork Should be supplied Flate size.

                                A0 = 841 x 1189mm

                                A1 = 594 x 841 mm

                                A2 = 420 x 594 mm

                                A3 = 297 x 420 mm

                                A4 = 210  x 297 mm

                                A5 = 148 x210 mm

                                A6 = 105 x 148 mm

                                DL = 99 x 210 mm

FileType :                  PDF, JPEG

Resolution:                 Minimum of 300 dpi for all artwork

Bleed :                      3 mm (Bleed is an extended artwork for trimming) - For Booklet Bleed should be 5 mm.

Margin :                   3 mm (all text should be 3 mm far from the trimming line) - For Booklet Margine Should be 10 mm.

Color Mode:              CMYK

Cropmarks:               Crop Marks should be 2 mm far from the trim line

Images resolution:      Minimum of 300 dpi resolution when its 100% Zoom

Image Link:                Embed 

Font size:                  Minimum 8 pt recommended to make it readable

Fonts link:                  Outlined (converted to curves)/ embed 
Lines:                        All the line thickness should be minimum 0.3pt

Imposition:                Artwork should be one up - 100 % in size

Transparencies:          Flattened         

Border:                     Should be minimum 5 mm thick

Ink Coverage:            Should not be Exceed 300 % for coated Stock & 240% for uncoated stock 

Rich Black:                To get good black color please use color code  -  C50 M50 Y50 K100


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